About Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal

DR. SUMEET JAISWAL (MBBS MS MCH) is a qualified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon. He has worked as Assistant Professor in the prestigious KEM Hospital Mumbai. He has operated on individuals from many countries including USA,UK, Lebanon, Dubai, Nigeria etc. He has authored over 18 papers in international peer reviewed journals. He has worked extensively on formulating standards for describing various landmarks in facial cosmetic surgery.

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Client Testimonials

Know what our happy patients say about our treatments.

  • Raghuram Bhatti

    My procedure made me feel better about myself and my personal appearance. Dr. Sumeet is very experienced. I received a personal recommendation from a friend who had used Dr. Sumeet himself. His staff was excellent. His facility was very modern, clean, well lit and yet comfortable. Doctor listened to my questions, his attention to detail and clearly answering my questions were among the best I’ve ever experienced. His nurse Kelly made me feel comfortable, answered my questions, and was available to me by cellphone. She quickly returned my call(s) if unable to take the call right away.

  • Raghav Singh

    The entire surgical staff including Dr. Sumeet delivers utmost professional and knowledgeable service, extremely efficient processes, and were generous and kind. I could not have a envisioned a more pleasurable experience for undergoing treatment or surgery in any facility as the Zenith Cosmetic Surgery Clinic as I’ve been others in the past and may also visit it in the future.

  • Sumehra

    Dr. Sumeet is professional and experienced. I was nervous at first, however, the doctor and his team exceeded all of my expectations. I’m no longer self conscious about my appearance. The best compliment that anyone can give you is when they ask “What lifestyle changes did you make to lose weight?” No one in a million years would’ve guessed that I had plastic surgery. That’s the sign of great plastic surgeon.

  • Cosmetic Surgery Raipur

    Cosmetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery intended to improve or correct a person’s appearance. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on all areas of the head, neck, and body. Because the treated areas function properly, cosmetic surgery is elective. Cosmetic surgery is practiced by doctors from a variety of medical fields, including plastic surgeons. Although plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are both different at some grounds, cosmetic surgery enhances or improves your appearance while plastic surgery is meant for correcting or recreating birth defects or other deformities. Plastic surgery is mainly for reconstruction of facial and body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease. It’s intended to correct dysfunctional areas of the body and is reconstructive in nature.

    There are number of procedures associated in the each account which are done at Zenith Cosmetic Surgery Center, Raipur

    Cosmetic surgery:

    • Breast augmentation or enlargement in Raipur: this procedure enhances the breasts by injecting your own body fat or by placing implants (silicone or saline filled).
    • Breast reduction Cosmetic surgery in Raipur: this procedure is intended to reduce the breasts size, using liposuction vaser hi-def.
    • Mastopexy, or a breast lift Cosmetic surgery in Raipur: saggy breasts are unattractive, so to make them look young and attractive this procedure is designed.
    • Male breast reduction (Gynecomastia) surgery in Raipur: this is not a serious medical ailment, can be treated with a surgical procedure, in which excess fat is suctioned using liposuction while breast gland is trimmed making it look normal as earlier.
    • Liposuction surgery in Raipur: this procedure is not a weight loss programme, it’s a surgical procedure meant to eliminate stubborn fat pockets from your body while contouring your body.
    • Labiaplasty Cosmetic surgery in Raipur: surgery of the labia majora or labia minora of the vulva, it aims to reduce elongated labia, usually as part of a vaginoplasty.
    • Abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck surgery in Raipur: in this procedure excess skin and fat is removed from the middle and lower abdomen, with the aim of tightening the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall.
    • Butt augmentation Cosmetic surgery in Raipur: this procedure is designed to enhance the butt size, either by fat grafting or placing implants of the desired size.
    • Buttock lift Cosmetic surgery in Raipur: this involves removing excess skin from the hips, buttocks, and thighs in order to tighten and lift them.
    • Blepharoplasty Cosmetic surgery in Raipur: this procedure involves reshaping the eyelids by repositioning the excess skin and fat.
    • Rhinoplasty surgery in Raipur: also known as ‘nose job’ is a surgical procedure meant to correct or reshape your nose.
    • Otoplasty surgery in Raipur: meant for correcting ears shape, treats prominent or misshapen ears by surgically “pinning” the ear closer to the head with sutures, reshaping the cartilage, or both.
    • Rhytidectomy surgery in Raipur: it surgically removes wrinkles and tightens the skin by stretching the skin and removing excess of it.
    • Brow lift Cosmetic surgery in Raipur: it removes the signs of ageing like worry lines or wrinkles, by raising drooping eyebrows.
    • Chin augmentation surgery in Raipur: it’s done to balance the facial features, it can be performed with either a prosthetic implant or through manipulation of the chin bone.
    • Cheek augmentation surgery in Raipur: make cheeks more prominent either by placing an implant or fat grafting.
    • Chemical peels: treat acne, pock marks, scars, or wrinkles with an application of liquid called chemical peel.
    • Soft tissue fillers: used to treat, cheeks, and lips, and to increase the volume of the back of the hand and also reduces wrinkles, lines and scars, and augment soft tissue contours. Although not a permanent solution, requires few sittings for long-term results.
    • Fat injections and fat grafting surgery in Raipur: your own body fat is collected using liposuction and it is injected into areas requiring volume enhancement. It is usually applied to the face, including the lips, the hands, and depressions in skin contour.
    • Lasers and light-based facial treatment: laser skin treatment, can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and abnormal pigmentation, such as sunspots. Treatment utilizes concentrated, pulsating beams of light.
    • Hair transplant surgery in Raipur: restoring your lost hair back on the scalp is not a miracle, it uses your own hair grafts from back and sides of your head and implanted on the bald and thin patches on the head.

    Plastic surgery:

    • Breast Reconstruction Plastic surgery in Raipur: in this implants are placed on the targeted sites and also nipples and areola reconstruction is done as a last step. This procedure is intended to make women comfortable and confident enough.
    • Burn Repair Plastic Surgery in Raipur: this involves skin grafting or skin rearrangement on the wounded area depending on the requirement and patient’s goal.
    • Scar Revision Plastic Surgery in Raipur: there are different types of scars having individual treatment available. Keloid Scars, Hypertrophic Scars, Contractures and Facial Scars every type has its own treatment involved.
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