Liposuction Surgery in Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Liposuction is a process to get rid of stubborn fat from the body. In this era, everyone wants to look fit and fabulous. Liposuction comes to the rescue of people dealing with weight issues. It helps in achieving a perfect figure which is free from fat. This surgery removes excess fat from the body from parts such as belly, buttocks, thighs, arms and neck. It is also called lipoplasty and liposculpture. In liposuction, a small skin lesion is created and several ways are used to loosen up the fat and suctioning it out through a cannula or hollow tube.

Treatable Areas Of Liposuction

Multiple Surgical Areas of the Body

The liposuction surgery procedure can be applied on three to four areas of candidate’s body with his/her consent and also surgeon’s recommendation. Here is a list of areas that can be treated with Liposuction:

  1. Upper and Inner Arms Liposuction:

Excessive fat accumulation in the upper and inner is very common in the present scenario as it counts as the most common sign of ageing process. With liposuction now it’s possible to get rid of bulgy arms, arms lift is a procedure that provides you with toned arms without damaging the surrounding body tissues therefore providing a youthful appearance.

  1. Cheeks and Chin Liposuction:

Having chubby cheeks is cute to some but only in childhood, and when we grow-up we always desire for a contoured and toned face. Those who want to get rid of that bulgy and plumpy face can get this through liposuction.

  1. Chests Liposuction:

Ageing often gets many unwanted changes in one’s appearance the most common is flabby chest in men as they tend to lose a lot of muscle mass as they age and with over time. Liposuction can help in eliminating these fat pockets with minimal scarring and bruising and gives a toned and youthful chest appearance in men.

  1. Waist and Love Handles Liposuction:

Exercising and dieting cannot help you contouring your body and getting rid of those love handles. This is the main cause which makes even youngsters to go under liposuction. Everyone desires of having toned physique and we’ll toned waist and this successful surgical procedure helps you to get it in no time. The skin laxity near waist is very high so that makes one gain maximum through this procedure. The results are so perfect that no one can recognise you went through a surgical procedure for this great physique.

  1. Flanks Liposuction:

The lower back’s end is considered to be the flanks, and with advanced fat removal technique this area can be contoured. The waist has a high laxity so fat removal from flanks is usually performed along with waist area for a perfect contoured wait and back. Mostly women go for this procedure for getting the desired shape of figure they long for.

  1. Inner and Outer Thighs Liposuction:

Thighs are the most highlighted part of legs and with advancement in technology based hi-def liposuction can be performed almost on any part of the body so does on the upper, outer and inner thighs. Providing a proportionate body structure it gives a great satisfaction to the candidates who are looking for contoured thighs. Perfect thigh contouring with hip curvature and the toned legs provide an attractive look to you. It even boosts your confidence and makes you fall in love with yourself once again.

  1. Lower Legs:

Legs are the most challenging part of the body when it comes to contouring, they constitute of the fat pockets in the calves and ankle region. For this part of body a highly experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal (M.S., MC.H.) at Zenith Cosmetic Surgery, can only provide you with the symmetrical results and satisfaction.

Ideal candidates for Liposuction

  • People with regions of fat deposits which are not going with exercise
  • People looking for slimmer contour
  • People with wobbly skin around the stomach

Liposuction procedure

There are several technologies which are being used for liposuction. Some are old and some are comparatively new.

Suction Assisted Lipectomy (SAL)

It is an old and time tested method of liposuction. The instruments being used now are better quality and the techniques are superior. It has led to amazing results.

Ultrasound Assisted Lipectomy (UAL)

Ultrasound energy is used in this technique to break the fat cells and then they are suctioned out. This technique not only reduces the toil of the surgeon but also leads to less blood loss.

Post-Surgery care

  • High compression elastic garments have to be used for 2 weeks or more
  • Incisions are not closed for open drainage
  • Patient can bathe from second day
  • No immersing in bath or swimming pool for 2 weeks

At Zenith Cosmetic Surgery Raipur, we offer free consultation for Liposuction Surgery or Fat Removal Surgery, You can schedule your free consultation with Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal by filling form or calling on  +91 82259 76859. You can write us at

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Surgery and recovery were handled very professionally

Everything from the initial consultation through to the surgery and recovery were handled very professionally. Everyone in the office is nice and they're there to answer any questions you have along the way. I found the experience to be enjoyable and any concerns most would usually have when heading into surgery, were alleviated by the calm and experienced atmosphere. I definitely recommend this practice in Bhopal.

Tummy tuck, Male Breast Reduction & thighs lift, and Arm lift

I went to Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal after I had the Roux en Y gastric bypass. I had 3 different surgeries. Tummy tuck, Male Breast Reduction & thighs lift, and Arm lift. He was amazing...he was able to get my 1st 2 surgeries covered by easy finance options! In addition he did a great job and he was really accessible. Any questions that I had he patiently answered and he was just top notch on all levels. I highly recommend Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal...he is the best and if you are debating between him and another doctor definitely go with Dr. Sumeet. You will be happy you did!

Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal and his staff and amazing.

Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal and his staff and amazing. They are all so caring and patient. They answered all of my questions and literally held my hands when I was nervous. I had a very extensive hernia repair and tummy tuck and a year later I can't believe my results and how much this experience changed my life. You can't go wrong here!

I chose Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal to perform an extended tummy tuck

I was looking to find the best tummy tuck plastic surgeon in bhopal to repair my protruding stomach resulting from 3 full term pregnancies, and I just did that when I found & chose Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal to perform an extended tummy tuck, and revise my futile, ill-suited, and ineffective "mini tummy tuck" that was done by another plastic surgeon. According to Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal, liposuction was not needed in my case, so the surgery addressed the diastasis, umbilical hernia, and stretched out skin, all courtesies of multiple pregnancies. The result was astounding. My muscles are now tight & defined, I have a waist, perfectly flat stomach, thin and very low scar with ideal distance from the belly button. Moreover, due to my stomach now being held in a compressed and proper place, I feel fuller after meals quicker which aids my weight loss (an unexpected and welcomed surprise). Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal truly reversed the trajectory of my life. He is simply the most skilled, precise, artistic, visually and technically astute plastic surgeon one could imagine. He is also a kind, genuine, and candid doctor you can trust will put your interests above his and will guide you to the best outcome.

Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal made me love my body again.

My name is Suman. My experience was amazing! Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal is an amazing doctor and a genius. I have 2 kids. My son is 2 years old and my daughter is 11 months. I was always fit and liked working out almost everyday. After I had my second baby my tummy changed. And I was very unhappy with my body. I saw some horrible tummy tucks out their. So I did a lot of research and I found Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal. I was very worried with the bellybutton and I saw some amazing pictures of his work, and because he had great testimonials. After a saw those amazing tummies, I decided to do it. I can say now that my tummy looks amazing! Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal made me love my body again. A definitely can say that anyone that decides to do any plastic surgery, do it with Dr. Sumeet Jaiswal. I trust him 100%.